Pixz is the best photo and video sharing app for groups and events. We make it easy for people to share together in real-time without hashtags or uploads. Event planners can capture photos from events in real-time. Groups can share moments during meetups or conferences. Brands can grow their audience and crowdsource photos from fans.
  • Authorization (create a new profile or sign in to an already existing one via social networks)
  • Editing the profile (add, edit, or delete your data)
  • Posting pictures (upload the photos, mention the people, add the hashtags)
  • Timeline (follow, like, comment)
  • Social features (can share the post or invite your friends from Facebook)
  • Photo customization (crop it, rotate it, add filters)
  • Location (let the location service get your geo-data via pictures taken in the app)
  • Messenger (text and photo)
  • Notifications, push-notifications
  • Search (username, just name, hashtags, post description)

What real people are saying

  • “It is a great way of sharing photos with family and friends without social media and text groups. The app is very user friendly.” – Shellthomp “I love what you are doing. The simplicity of it is brilliant and the problem is real.” – Anonymous
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